Entry Fees

$80 per Player, per Event

Pre-payment of entry fees is required for your team to be registered in the QBE Shootout Summer Series. A portion of your entry fee will go to benefit CureSearch for Children's Cancer, which funds the Children's Oncology Group, the world's largest children's cancer research collaborative.

Format of Play

Holes 1-6: Modified Alternate Shot

Both Players drive then select the best shot. Player whose shot is not selected plays next and players alternate shots until ball is holed. Handicap based on 40% of lower handicap & 20% of higher handicap combined divided by 3 and subtracted from 6 hole score.

Holes 7-12: Better Ball

Both players play their own ball with best score counting as team score. Handicap 90% of each players handicap divided by 3 strokes then allocated over 6 holes hardest to easiest.

Holes 13-18: Scramble Format

Both Players drive, select best shot, both then play from this position. Repeat until ball is holed. Handicap based on 40% of lower handicap & 10% off higher handicap divided by 3 and subtracted from 6 hole total.

Sample Card

Modified Alternate ShotBetter BallScramble
Player A346543
Player B545674
Team Score433543345543 323434
Gross Score222419
Net Score-3 = 19-4 = 20-2 = 17
Total Gross Score: 65
Total Net Score: 56

Scoring System

Points awarded based on higher finish position gross or net. Order of finish – 1st Gross (100 pts), 1st Net (100 pts), 2nd Gross (90 pts), 2nd Net (90 pts), 3rd Gross (80 pts), 3rd Net (80 pts).., etc.

1001st Gross & Net
902nd Gross & Net
803rd Gross & Net
704th Gross & Net
605th Gross & Net
506th Gross & Net
457th Gross & Net
408th Gross & Net
359th Gross & Net
3010th Gross & Net
25All Other Players
Bonus Points25 pts x 4 Closests to Pins

QBE Shootout Summer Series

Entering its 11th year, the Summer Series has grown into a staple on Southwest Florida’s summer golf calendar. This exciting event series provides you and your partner with an opportunity to experience elements of competition similar to the PGA TOUR’s QBE Shootout.

During each tournament round, this two-person team event will allow players to compete in the same formats that are featured during the QBE Shootout: Six holes of Modified Alternate shot, Six holes of Better Ball, Six holes of Scramble.

Points will be awarded after each event which will qualify players for a variety of unique prizes including the opportunity to have unprecedented access during the QBE Shootout, December 7-11, 2022. The series will feature a Net, Gross and Ladies division and points will be awarded both individually and as a team.

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